CN APM – Extindere parcare în afara portului (EN)

PROJECT TITLE: Parking lot outside Constanţa Port

I. Site description

There is no land near the port gates necessary to build an adequate parking lot, which could accommodate the current demand. Also, the current plan of the port is not allowing the building of an additional access gate, except the future Gate 8 which shall serve especially the “Island”.
After finishing the road bridge over the Danube – Black Sea Canal, the connection with A4 motorway shall be used to enter the port and, considering that there are large land parcels available near the motorway, the trucks parking lot could be created here.
The available area has approximately 7 ha and the proposed organisation method provides 150 parking places for trucks and 70 parking places for cars.

II. Necessity and opportunity of the proposed investment objective

Access of heavy traffic into Constanţa Port is carried out:

  • To the north – through Gate 7;
  • To the south – through the fluvial – maritime area and Gate 9;
  • To the south – Agigea, through Gates 10 and 10 Bis.

Those gates are agglomerated, mostly due also to trucks waiting at the gates for control purposes. At the same time, inside the port, when accessing the terminals, inner roads of the port are used as waiting areas for trucks waiting the access to terminals. The resulted congestion hinders a simple and safe transport. During rush hours, some port areas are completely blocked.

III. Correlation with other investment objectives

“Infrastructure works included in the investment objective ships access area on the Danube – Black Sea Canal – design and execution lot 1 – access systematisation and modernisation of Gate 9 platform”
The access road to Gate 9 originates, at the western end, in the old road near the former Dermatology and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Sanatorium of Agigea, towards east, passing through the Gate 9 Control Post, towards berths 100-103, over the rail crossing. The arrangements associated with Gate 9 date from 2004, being registered in the category of arrangements of the perimeter port area. Access to the interest area for the analysed objective is made either through the roads related to the Port, from Gate 7, or from Constanţa, on Șoseaua Mangaliei Street, until the intersection with E81 and then on A4 until Gate 9.

The segment of the Gate 9 access road which is the object of the investment has a length of 151 m and the platform adjacent to the road has an area of 3,163 sqm. The road and platform modernisation works shall be carried out maintaining the existing route and geometrical elements, avoiding the occupation of lands belonging to private owners. The land where the investment is to be made is under the management of the National Company „Maritime Ports Administration SA Constanta”.

Traffic safety is one of the problems of this road. Besides the degradation of the road covering, a series of other factors have negative influences on the traffic status on these roads, such as the lack of horizontal markings and the insufficient number of traffic signs.
On the north side adjacent to the road, between the intersection of the entry/exit arms of Gate 9 Control Post with the railway crossing is the parking platform for the exit way, two intersections with inner cobbled roads towards Gate 7 and unevenly levelled platforms made of dirt fillings, and on the southern side of the road there is parcel 20, partially arranged for cobbling.

In plane, the platform has a trapezoidal shape, with the following size: the small side adjacent to the road has 150,7m; the small northern side has 62 m; the width in the constant section area has 28.5 m; tapered lanes against road axle at 30° C. The road surface has 2,990 sqm. Following the performed surveys, the conclusion is that the road structure is the following: 12 cm self-locking paving blocks prefabricated of cement concrete; 5 – 8 cm sand layer; 50 – 60 cm crushed stone.
The platform is currently degraded as a combined action of traffic and environmental factors. Most of the platform pavement blocks are eroded, broken, the surface is unleveled and, on certain portions, the pavement blocks are dislocated. As a result of the inadequate transversal and longitudinal slopes, the rain waters are poorly discharged.

The arrangements associated with Gate 9, consisting in access ways and parking lots at the entry and at the exit, Control Post building with entry/exit arms provided with access control systems, represent a very important connection of this area of Constanţa Port with A4 Motorway and the part south of the Danube – Black Sea Canal. Access systematisation and Gate 9 platform repair are extremely necessary, both in the current context of port exploitations, as well as in the perspective of their development.

The proposed arrangements aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • Bringing the traffic structure of the road and platform to the adequate technical parameters;
  • Improving the geometric elements in plane, longitudinal and transversal profile, creating a transversal profile with geometric elements according to the legal provisions;
  • Improving the traffic conditions;
  • Possibility to connect the proposed works to the existing traffic routes and other subsequent modernisation works.

The vertical signalling system shall be thoroughly studies in order to have a concordance between this system and the horizontal marking system, so that it does not create confusions and wrong interpretations, so that it is easy to read both during daytime and night time.

IV. Brief description of the investment objective

The project provides the constructions of a large parking lot for trucks, which shall serve the entire Constanţa Port (both the south side and the north side).
150 parking places for trucks, 70 parking places for cars were provided, as well as buildings and areas for buildings allowing the control of the trucks, their safe parking, as well as optimum conditions for drivers while waiting (toilets, showers, accommodation, meals, shopping, recreation, repairs, trucks fuelling etc.).

The main objective is to avoid congestions in the gates and terminals access areas by building a parking lot for trucks and implementing a registration system. All trucks accessing the port shall stop and register in this parking lot, then, after they receive the customs and port approval, they shall wait the time window they are allowed to enter the port through a certain gate.
The objects proposed by the project are the following:

  • Access/exit control building;
  • Trucks parking lot and cars parking lot;
  • Restrooms for truck drivers (toilets, showers);
  • Electrical substation, including electrical connection;
  • Drinking water connection;
  • Waste water pumping station and discharge pipe;
  • Lighting of the platforms and surroundings;
  • Recreation areas (green areas provided with tables and benches);
  • Vehicle service stations;
  • Gas station;
  • Motel;
  • Restaurant;
  • Bar – Buffet; Stores;
  • Social building (restroom, information etc.).

V. Conclusions

Implementation of this project aims to increase the Constanţa Port accessibility by easing the trucks traffic flows and creating a modern area for the temporary parking of goods transport vehicles.

VI. Identification of the financing sources:

Budget of the National Company „Maritime Ports Administration Constanta”.

Project paper