Reînnoirea / suplimentarea flotei de transport în comun metropolitan (EN)

PROJECT TITLE: Renewing and supplementing the fleet of the local/metropolitan public transport operator

I. Site description

II. Necessity and opportunity of the proposed investment objective

Constanţa Municipality is the economic center for the development of the South-East region and, at the same time, it provides basic services for population to ensure an adequate life quality, including regarding the environmental quality. As all the other Romanian cities, Constanţa Municipality deals with a series of environmental aspects, such as air quality, energy efficiency etc. which it must manage.

Public transportation is one of the most important parts ofthe socio-economic life. The concept of transport should be approached from two perspectives: transport systems and transport services.

An important aspect is that although the age and status of the fleet are quite satisfactory, strategies must be found for replacing the buses in due time, according to the European requirements and specifications, in order to provide an attractive transport for passengers, at the same time with the pollution level reduction.

For these reasons, in order to provide quality services, transports should meet certain technical and economical conditions, so that the transport needs of the economy and population are satisfied at a superior level, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Target group of the project: inhabitants of Constanţa Municipality, inhabitants of Constanţa County, tourists.

III. Correlation with other investment objectives

By the proposed objectives and activities, this project integrates with other projects in process of implementation at the level of theTerritorial Administrative Unit Constanța Municipality, namely:

  • Port-Cities: INNOVATION FOR SUSTAINABILITY (PORTIS) – financed by HORIZON 2020 programme – MG.5.5 – 2015 Demonstrating and testing innovative solutions for a cleaner and better urban transport and mobility;

At the same time, the project regarding the modernization of RATC fleet and its reorganization according to Regulation no. 1370/2007 is part of the short term action plan of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for the Constanţa Growth Pole.

The project is complementary to the following investment swhich are in the financing preparation stage for the fiscal period 2014-2020:

  • Mobility improvement in Constanţa Municipality, 1 Mai Blvd. – Șoseaua Mangaliei Street area;
  • Integrated rehabilitation of the pedestrian area in the historic center of Constanţa Municipality – stage II;
  • Mobility improvement in Constanţa Municipality, between the Dolphinarium and Cora Shopping Centre – Soveja Street;
  • Intermodal platform in the Constanța Railway Station, including reconfiguration of the Central Station area;
  • Constanța South HUB

In order to support the principle of sustainable development, a mandatory option undertaken in the Integrated Urban Development Strategy of Constanţa Municipality is the “access of all citizens to a quality infrastructure (public urban infrastructure, basic infrastructure serving the provision of public services, transport infrastructure, communications, infrastructure etc.)”.

The project contributes to the achievement of the strategic objective of the Integrated Urban Development Strategy which aims the improvement of urban mobility by creating an efficient transport system which determines the population to use the public transport.

IV. Brief description of the proposed investment objective

The project aims the procurement of new buses equipped with Diesel VI engines, with low floor, maintenance, diagnostic, equipment, related parts and services, as well as Technical Support for capacity development and corporate development and for participation in a Reference Programme.

A Public Services Contract shall be signed, containing performance standards and payment conditions according to Regulation no.1370/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council on public passenger transport services by rail and by road.

V. Conclusions

By renewing the fleet, the efficiency of the public transport services and the capacity of satisfying the users requirements shall grow, the travels shall be carried out safely, fast, comfortable and economic, with beneficial consequences for the environment.

VI. Identification of the financing sources:

Credit Agreement regarding the grant of an external reimbursable financing of up to 100,000,000 lei concluded by and between Constanţa Municipality and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Project paper